Are the teenage years the happiest times in life?

During the cycle of life, each person develops his/her personality through different steps from childhood to adulthood and then in old age.
Usually people think that biological and legal maturity ends at a certain age, but it is not so because psychological and emotional development lasts all life.
Obiouvsly, in some people difficulties in childhood can cause a breakdown at a certain point, especially during adolescence, bringing serious problems and showing strange behaviours.
Adolescence is a particular life stage compared to other ones, in fact, the age from 12 to 17 young people learn skills, improve the awareness of themselves and develop psychological potentiality.
That is a trasformation stage in which the personality starts to build.
Whereas, in the teenage years young people indicativelly decide where they are going to in life and what they will want to be.
In that age young people create a network of relationships with their peers, their bodies change, they start to be emotionally independent from their family and overall they start to have different experiences that they live more intensivelly than other stages.
For the reasons listed above some people think that the teenage years are the best in life.
Whereas, other people think that period is a particular one also beacuse of the issue that it brings like existential crisis, no awareness of their limits and sometimes drug or alchol addiction; the same people consider adulthood the best period of life.
During adulthood even if there are great responsabilities, for example taking care of parents and children and also job responsabilities, some people like general psychological balance and stability.

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